shmu’s One Day Challenge

Aged 12-18 and looking for a challenge in the April holidays?

Are you up for making a film or preparing and broadcasting a live radio programme from scratch in just one day? 

If you live in Tillydrone, Woodside, Torry, Middlefield, Seaton, Northfield or Cummings Park, come and join us at shmu HQ in Woodside, Aberdeen in the second week of the school holidays for shmu’s One Day Challenge.  Our challenge sessions will give you a taster of what goes into creating your own film or radio programme and how much fun it can be. 

Throughout the day you’ll be given support by our tutors to come up with an idea and then use our professional equipment and studios at shmu HQ to bring it to life.  At the end of the day you’ll be able to either watch your film on the big screen or broadcast your show live on shmuFM across Aberdeen.  

Choose your challenge: 

One Day Short Film Challenge 

  • Learn the basics of filmmaking 

  • Use cameras, sound and lighting equipment 

  • Work with experienced filmmakers 

  • Work as a team to produce a short film 

  • Screen your film on our cinema screen  

One Day Live Radio Challenge 

  • Learn the basics of radio and podcasting 

  • How to use the radio studio  

  • Make a radio jingle 

  • Work as a team to produce a live radio show on shmuFM  

Sessions will run each day from 10-4 pm, Mon 11th April – Fri 15th April and are FREE to attend, with lunch provided. 

The opportunity is open to anyone of secondary school age who lives in the regeneration areas of the city and will be booked on a first come first served basis - so no time to waste!

For further information, or to book your challenge, please contact Aynsley:

Further information about each challenge is included in the documents attached below


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