Tell Us campaign up and running

Tell Us and we will share it!

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, our organisation has had to adapt the way that we share information and celebrate the regeneration areas and other vulnerable communities at this challenging time and as a result we have established the Tell Us campaign.

The community media platforms that shmu supports connects isolated members of our society, and vulnerable members within our community and has built strong links with the agencies that deliver services to people in need. In order to continue to do this and adhere to social distancing guidelines we have created a 'volunteering at home' programme for our volunteers.

Volunteers have been kept informed in line with Government advice and continue to be consulted on the best way to deliver our changed service. A small core of volunteers were involved initially and this has grown in the last 10 days as we adapt to the technical challenges of remote broadcasting. Staff are supporting all volunteers to get involved and have developed a range of opportunities to do so.

Staff support is available via video tutorials, on the phone and through various online medias. It is essential that we continue to engage with our volunteers and offer new ways of being connected with shmu and their communities.

We are continuing to provide a daily schedule of radio programmes which now include a variety of information hours, entertainment and news shows. Keeping our communities safe at home, connected and informed is our priority.

A key deliverable is our Memory Lane show where local care homes request music and we use this as a tool connect with them throughout the period of time they are most isolated. It is also reassuring for families keeping in touch with their loved ones. We aim to grow this to broadcast a show every day.

Our Wednesday packed lunch show focuses on services provided for the homeless and most vulnerable at the time. The presenters have linked up with services such as shelter, C-Fine, ADA, Cyrenians, Mental Health Aberdeen, Foyer and many others. This provides vital information for some of the most at risk in our community.

We are working with community partners to ensure information is relevant and up to date and have launched our “Tell Us” campaign which allows shmu to reach out to all service providers in Aberdeen to give them a platform to share their information.

Tell Us is receiving information local community groups and organisations, as well as NHS Inform, the government and the local authority. We have a partnership with GREC who have translators recording these scripts into the 8 most well used languages in Aberdeen in order to reach people who speak English as a second language.

We currently have 41 volunteers set up to record and edit full shows at home, record soundbites sent in from our partners and source vital information for the community.

Volunteer peer to peer support has increased with the shmu volunteer community sharing hints and tips with each other on how to record information, edit this into a full show and even transfer files. The volunteers have created a range of new shows to entertain and share information during this stay at home period which not only benefits our volunteers and the vulnerable members of our communities, but also the wider community.

The aim is to continue to grow the number of volunteers involved to provide a daily schedule of shows that will assist the most isolated and vulnerable members of our community. We are also hoping to continue with this campaign and take some of the learning forward when our service goes back to normal.