Positive Transitions 14

11 July 2013 - 12 July 2013

PT 14 finished on 17 July 2013, take a look below to see how the participants are getting on now...

George - George has had a great number of call backs and interviews and is waiting to hear back.

Callum - Callum has applied to college and is waiting to hear if he has been successful, he has also had a flurry of interviews in the past few weeks.

Euan - Euan has applied for a number of jobs and has had two job interviews.

Sarah - Sarah managed to secure a job through the course in the first few weeks and is now working for Marriott Hotels. She will be part of the team that opens the new hotel at Dyce Airport.

Kaigen - Kaigen was only with us for a very short time before he secured an apprenticeship.