We are recruiting - four key roles to fill

Join our team of passionate people transforming lives across the North East

No matter what your job is at shmu, everyone’s work is about the same thing – transforming the lives of individuals and communities across North East Scotland. We are looking for four exceptional, innovative, community minded individuals to join our team in key full time roles.

We passionately believe in supporting people to expand their horizons and achieve their full potential. Our approach, methods, projects and initiatives are nationally recognised, positioning us as a centre of excellence for the work we do.

Our work has always involved supporting disadvantaged communities and the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of inclusion and creating opportunities for all. We also go big on collaboration and partnership at shmu, working within communities and with experienced partners to deliver services that meet the real needs of service users. We’re relevant, active contributors determined to make a difference.

As restrictions ease following the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to ensure we have a big presence in our priority localities and communities and are recruiting for a Community Development Manager – a pivotal leadership role within the organisation, with the post holder working alongside the Chief Executive to design, manage and coordinate all strategic and operational aspects of all community engagement and outreach services across the organisation. 

We are also recruiting for a Youth Services Manager to oversee our innovative and wide-ranging programme of youth activities which encourage young people, prioritising those living in the regeneration areas of Aberdeen, to actively participate and engage with our youth media platforms (radio, film, music and journalism); increasing confidence and self-esteem and encouraging communication with the wider world in a creative and informed way.

As a result of significant developments in our accredited programmes, including the delivery of Foundation Apprenticeships across Aberdeenshire, we are looking for a Training and Qualifications Manager, who will have the responsibility to ensure that the organisation’s accredited programmes are designed, managed and delivered to the highest standards, and will play a pivotal role in realising our ambitions for the future of the organisation's qualification framework.

Our organisation would not exist if it was not for our dedicated volunteers (over 150), primarily from across the regeneration areas of the city, who generously and enthusiastically commit their time and effort to giving back to their communities.  Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our volunteers have continued to show true commitment and resilience, however, over the last 2 years and as we come out of the pandemic many of our volunteers are continuing to struggle, and mental health concerns are rising and becoming a wider issue across our services. As a result, we are recruiting a Wellbeing Practitioner; a dedicated member of staff who will play a key role in providing support for our community volunteers, ensuring their wellbeing is a priority while volunteering at shmu. We are also keen for our Wellbeing Practitioner to be utilised by the local community and our community partners; making mental health wellbeing and support more accessible and reducing stigma.

To find out more about the opportunities to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities, please visit our vacancies page, or through the direct links below:

Community Development Manager (full time, £31,419 - £34,213)

Youth Services Manager  (full time, £31,419 - £34,213)

Training and Qualifications Manager  (full time, £31,419 - £34,213)

Wellbeing Practitioner (full time, 1 year fixed term initially, £27,706 - £30,541)