Emily Takes on International Youth Media Summit!

Emily Howie from Aberdeen has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to represent the United Kingdom in this years 2019 International Youth Media Summit in Pokhara, Nepal from July 26th– August 10th, 2019.  

Howie, a SHMU Volunteer and previous representative for Film Access Network Scotland Film Festival has been given a role to play within the IYMS. Throughout her younger years, she volunteered in order to increase her knowledge and power of the creative industries and learn more about her passion of film and TV. 

Shortly after receiving the email inviting her to represent the UK, from the International Youth Media Summit (IYMS). She was reached out to from none other than the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon.

Sturgeon took the opportunity to email Emily “This is a wonderful achievement and I just wanted to say well done and good luck”.

The International Youth Media Summit started 14 years ago and has influenced thousands of youths all over the world since its birth.

On September 11, 2001, one of the world’s greatest tragedy’s struck in New York City, with the twin towers collapsing after a terrorist attack. After this attack, TIME was created. TIME is a news outlet online that provides information on breaking news across all topic from politics to sports. TIME created by a group of students, later founded the International Youth Media Summit in order for youths to take action in the media. Its first project began in 2006 by inviting 85 people from 26 countries to work together - To share, learn and motivate each other from their generation to another.

The project aims to ‘Replace ignorance with knowledge, hatred with understanding and fear with friendship’. After Emily has completed her Summit, she will return to the United Kingdom to share her new findings and experiences with her friends and family in the UK.

We here at SHMU congratulate and wish Emily the very best of luck with her future journey alongside IMYS!