Adjust update March 2014

Productive talks with partners at HMP Grampian

As the opening of HMP Grampian draws closer, ADJUST are working behind the scenes to promote their joined up approach to reducing reoffending. Our staff have recently had very productive talks with our SPS partners in HMP YOI Grampian to plan how best we can work together when the new Prison opens in March. Everyone has a brilliant positive attitude and we are really looking forward to working closely together over the next year.  We strongly believe that our joint service will make a big difference.

To begin with, prisoners who play a crucial role in the running of the new Prison will arrive first, such as those who work in the kitchens and laundry. After that, the rest of the prisoners will be introduced into the Prison until April by which point the full complement of 550 will be there.

ADJUST staff will attend a weekly Case Meeting looking at prisoners who are due to be released soon and who have shown motivation to change their offending behaviour. We will then link them up with our partners in the community to try to make the transition from Prison to community more effective and smooth. This process will hopefully reduce risks of reoffending and maximise the take up of support networks on release.

More of our service users are reaching significant milestones such as six months and a year since being released without being returned to custody. This is very encouraging considering that some have previously been very persistent offender.

There are 37 participants signed up to ADJUST so far: 21 are in the community, 15 are in custody and one has sadly passed away.