Rookie Radio, take 2

Bank of Scotland staff on shmuFM

Band of the Week: The Cinnamon Service

Indie/punky goodness featuring on shmuFM

Twist and Shout with Deacon Blue

Dougie Vipond on shmuFM

Youth Media Team and Book Week

Youth Media Team get involved in Scottish Book Week

What is shmu?

Station House Media Unit (shmu), established as a charity in 2003, is one of the core cultural organisations in Aberdeen, and is at the forefront of Community Media development in Scotland, supporting residents in the seven regeneration areas of the city in radio and video production, traditional and on-line publications, music production and digital inclusion. The organisation also supports other disadvantaged communities, both geographic and communities of interest, with an employability and training arm and a programme for offenders, both pre and post release.

Latest news

Rookie Radio, take 2

Newbies took over the shmu studio today, as part of shmu's team building days.  Staff from the Bank of Scotland were set the challenge of researching, programming content and presenting a live show in just one day.

Date added: 26/11/2014

Band of the Week: The Cinnamon Service

This week's featured band is The Cinnamon Service!

Date added: 24/11/2014

Support shmu

There are many opportunities for individuals, organisations and other partners to support our work. Whether you are interested in sponsoring an individual to undertake a life changing course or you want to invest in our broader community based development we are always delighted to talk through the many options available at shmu. shmuTRADE is the commercial arm of shmu, offering ‘ethical’ services with a tiered pricing structure. Services include video production, graphic design, sound recording and Internet based services.