shmu launches emergency community support fund

shmu Supports will provide small funding to grassroots community groups across Aberdeen

Woodside Free Press being Delivered

Shmu continuing local community their news

shmu - very much open for business

(but not our building)

57 North Aberdeen Music Sector Survey

Involved in music in Aberdeen? Fill out our survey...

What is shmu?

Station House Media Unit (shmu), established as a charity in 2003, is one of the core cultural organisations in Aberdeen, and is at the forefront of Community Media development in Scotland, supporting residents in the seven regeneration areas of the city in radio and video production, traditional and on-line publications, music production and digital inclusion. The organisation also supports other disadvantaged communities, both geographic and communities of interest, with an employability and training arm and a programme for offenders, both pre and post release.

Our building may be closed during the current coronavirus period, but we're still working, supporting and creating (albeit remotely) and are aware that, as a community service, we have an important role to play regarding information sharing and community support, see our Tell Us campaign for more.

Latest news

Northern Lights Shines On

Northern Lights is now out for delivery. 



The volunteers involved with the Cumming North and Middlefield Mirror community magazines and the support team from Station House Media Unit (shmu) have been working hard to produce a joint edition of the magazine in order to share important local information, celebrate the community and encourage positive social change around the issues the community is passionate about. The magazine will be dropping through your letterbox very soon! 


Date added: 20/05/2020

shmuTRAIN Case Study: Dylan

 “I met new friends, have new skills and feel I can achieve more than I originally thought.”

In July 2019 Dylan joined Positive Transitions on our Stage 2 Employability Fund course, here's his story...

Date added: 19/05/2020

What's going on in Torry?

The Torry’s Vision editorial team are looking for contributions for the summer 2020 edition of the magazine.  

Whether you know someone, or an organisation, who has been going above and beyond to help others in the coronavirus pandemic, or maybe you want to look into a local issue or perhaps you’ve got some creative writing or photography to share, the team want you to get in touch. <--break- />

Date added: 19/05/2020