A brief history of shmu

Station House Media Unit (shmu), established as a charity in 2003, is one of the core cultural organisations in North East Scotland, and is at the forefront of Community Media development in the UK, supporting residents in the seven regeneration areas of Aberdeen in radio and video production, traditional and on-line publications, music production and digital inclusion. The organisation also supports other disadvantaged communities, both geographic and communities of interest across the region, with an employability and training arm, and programmes for adults facing personal challenges.

Successful initiatives have made the organisation a nationally recognised centre of excellence and created models of good practice in: youth work; regeneration; digital inclusion; adult literacy and numeracy; community capacity building; personal and community development; employability skills and community justice.

The following tools and platforms are used to achieve the above;

shmuTV offers training and support for all stages of the film-making process, from script to screen, and produces commissioned work for local projects.

shmuFM broadcasts a variety of issue-based, music and community radio programming on 99.8FM. Volunteers from the regeneration areas are offered full training & support in order to produce and present their own radio show.

shmuDESIGN supports our communities to produce their own magazines to reflect the issues and concerns of their area, and also to celebrate and share good news stories.

shmuTRAIN is our employability arm and supports 14-19yr olds who are in, or likely to fall into, the MCMC category in the city into a positive destination (education, employment or training). shmuWORKS, offers services to those over the age of 19 and also supports current volunteers of all ages to identify any training and skills development needs.

ADJUST provides a strategic and operational framework designed to deliver a service which co-ordinates, administrates, evaluates and develops targeted effective interventions with prisoners within HMP Aberdeen, and through their transition to successful community integration and beyond.