Robert's Journey

Taken from an article which featured in the NCJA Newsletter in Spring 2013

Robert, a 28 year old ex-offender with previous substance misuse issues, was sentenced to two years in prison in November 2011, having been remanded in custody on four previous occasions. He is now in paid employment, after having spent a period of time with the ‘Roots and Shoots’ initiative which is a charity that initiates and supports environmental and recycling projects.

“About a month before I was due to come out I was asked if I would like to go onto the ADJUST programme. A prison officer, Graeme (the ADJUST SPS Coordinator), the Community Social Worker and Jen from Aberdeen Forward got together with me to work out a plan for when I got out. They didn’t think it was a waste of time to help me. It’s great to have that extra help when you need someone to speak to. When I got out I went through a bad patch – Graeme told me that if I didn’t come to them for help, they would come looking for me! They gave me a push when I needed it – without them I probably wouldn’t have got out of the bad patch. I would definitely recommend ADJUST – even if you think you’re going to be okay, it’s good to have the back-up”.