200 Shades of Dave

On Monday September 7th Dave Ironside celebrates 200 Breakfast Shows.
Make sure you tune in to the Breakfast Show on Monday the 7th of September for a very special show. 
Dave Ironside, who also hosts Ultimate 80s on a Saturday night, is celebrating presenting his 200th breakfast show.  
I remember the first one clearly, it was 31st October 2013 and the very first track I played was Good Morning Judge by 10cc! After initially only doing a Thursday show I quickly started doing Mondays as well and have been doing that slot ever since. I have to give a lot of credit to my fellow Breakfast show hosts Sandy Gibson and John Minty as we all push each other on and support each other... we really are Three Amigos.
Also our listeners are fantastic, we have built up a good Breakfast Show community through social media and we get great interaction from them.
It is a great privilege doing the shows and since we have shifted to a 6am start I feel that we have went from strength to strength and a big thanks must also go to the radio staff for support and assistance.
We are gonna celebrate the milestone by getting the Three Amigos together in the studio on September 7th co present the milestone show, yes I have persuaded John and Sandy to join me, so don't miss a moment of it and tune in from 6am.
You can tune into shmu 99.8FM or listen online.

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