Aberdeen Baltic Show with Normund

Hi I am Normund.

I have been running a radio broadcast for several years - I present the Aberdeen Baltic Show. This year I started learning the radio again through doing an SQA but due to the coronavirus it was all stopped and we are having to work from home.

It's new to me, I managed to figure out how and where I could make radio recordings at home and I still manage to interview  my guests. When I took out my home studio I noticed that my guests who I interviewed on the phone are more relaxed and are more talkative and accommodating.

Thanks to the shmu team, who have made recommendations and given individual instructions, I couldn't get radio recordings without them. It is not just me but everyone who does radio broadcasts.

I am grateful to the shmu team who work hard to give radio listeners something to listen to.

Catch my show here 9-10am on a Saturday morning or on shmu 99.8FM.

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