Advent Calendar Collection

shmuFM's Angela Joss' advent calendar drive

shmuFM's Angela Joss has been collecting advent calendars to be donated to the food banks around Aberdeen.

The Culture Show presenter was inspired by a Facebook post which was shared by comedian Jason Manford, encouraging people to donate advent calendars to food banks.

Jason posted this to his fans via Facebook:

"I don't care what your politics are but I'm pretty certain most of us agree that people who are using food banks rather they weren't. I'd also say most of us, if not all, would agree that the children of adults whoa re using food banks aren't 'to blame' for their parent's 'predicament'. Imagine being a kid this Christmas and knowing times are hard and money is tight at your house? It's hard for them and it's hard for Mum and Dad.

"Last year a few of us urged people throughout November to go out and buy advent calendars. The thought being that the last thing skint parents who had to go to food banks would be doing is buying one of these. They're part of Christmas for the kids (and some adults) in my family - a little thing we can do that can put a smile on a kids' face and maybe Mum's and/or Dad's too."

Angela was inspired after seeing this message to run a collection and allow people to drop them off at SHMU. In total over 20 advent calendars were collected and distributed to the food banks which is being held in Tillydrone Community Centre on Saturday the 29th and to Instant Neighbour.

A big thank you to everyone who donated calendars and a massive well done to Angela for starting the collection. 

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