The Breakfast Show Must Go On!

Lockdown with the Breakfast show on shmuFM

Your favourite Breakfast show presenters are still bringing you shows despite being locked away in their homes. Sandy and Dave, better known as The Sandman and The Ironman are recording three days a week and broadcasting on Mondays, Wednesday's and Fridays from 7am to 9am.

<--break- />They explained, " We record the links the day before, nothing is scripted as usual as we record with Zoom, a video conferencing facility so it's as if we are in the same room!, once the links are recorded, all in real time , we leave dead space for the music to be fitted in then Sandy pieces it all together by fitting in the tunes then its sent to Adele the night before so she can put it into the system" 

"We also record news and info too as part of the links and keep it as current as we can as we record the afternoon before, sometimes the only problem is remembering what day we are transmitting on!
Its great to be able to do this and do it at home and the feedback from listeners has been great....the support from key staff at shmu like Adele and Tracey has been crucial as well"

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