Cherry Bomb returns to the shmuFM schedule

Cherry Bomb is back and this time there's double trouble...

This Saturday night we welcome Cherry Bomb back to the shmuFM schedule.

Emma Fowlie returns to the airwaves, but this time she has co=presenter, Lori Wilson in tow.

The show will focus on music by women and current events, aiming to link the themes of the music with these events.

The crew are hoping to have a lot of interviews and discussion as part of the show so listen in if this sounds llike your cup of tea.

Lori and Emma decided to bring Cherry Bomb back when they realised they like a lot of the same music and share very similar interests.

You may recognise Emma's voice from the weekly Talking Science show which goes out live every Tuesday at 2pm here on shmu 99.8FM.

Tune in this Saturday at 9pm on shmu 99.8FM or listen online here

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