Choices Aberdeen on shmuFM

shmuTRAIN have teamed up with Choices Aberdeen with Andrew and Bethany being interviewed as part of the weekly shmuTRAIN takeover.

The group were discussing sexual exploitation and how to form healthy and positive relationships.

Andrew Atkins from Choices said: "Choices Aberdeen are a youth work organisation who are dedicated to helping young poeple form and develop ideas on positive relationships. We work mostly in areas of deprivation in schools in Aberdeen. We love partnering with shmuTRAIN where we add to the exisiting course. This course has been particularly good fun to work with!"

This is the 21st Positive Transitions course which involves a group of 16 to 19 year olds who are not in employment, education or training take part in a 12 week employability course which incorporates media.

The next course will start in April so if you would like to find out more information contact Brian.

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