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Angela Joss heads down to the Cabaret at ACT Aberdeen

shmuFM's Culture Club presenter, Angela Joss, was at the opening night at the Kit Kat Club aka The Aberdeen Arts Centre Theatre, to watch "Cabaret". 

This performance does not put a foot wrong. Strong, strong cast, brilliant songs, all singing, all dancing. It's all here in pre war Berlin, as the Nazis begin their rise to power. But it's the political message that hit me in the solar plexus and sent me out into an Aberdeen night with tears on my face. Timed to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day, tonight's performance took place in a theatre which, for the duration of the Cabaret tour, houses both the Anne Frank - A History For Today Exhibition and The Holocaust and Memorial Exhibition, curated by the ACT Youth Board. Some parts of these exhibitions were, literally, unbearable for me to read: the sheer numbers of murders and the terrible brutality of how it was done.

But I should and must be shocked and overwhelmed at events of 80 years ago, when those who were "different" were blamed for the declining economy and simply killed, whilst their neighbours and friends turned away just as we are in danger of doing today. The child dying in the ghetto in Nazi Germany is the child drowning in flight from any war-torn area of the world right now.

Do not miss the opportunity to catch ACT's production of Cabaret which is here until Saturday 6th February. If life really is a cabaret, then make sure you've got your ticket! 

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