Darrk Future radio play premiere

Sci-fi comedy radio play premieres 22nd March

shmuSOUND has been working on a new sci-fi comedy radio play, Darrk Future - and on Saturday the 22nd at 2pm, Part One will be premiered on shmuFM.

With funding from Aberdeen City Council, and hard work from a cast of volunteers, the vision of shmuFM Band of the Week host Mark E has been realised. Four episodes of comedy goodness have been produced and will be broadcast in two parts on shmuFM and hosted online.

Set in 2101, it follows the misadventures of Nathan Darrk - the third best field agent of UDS-5 (Urban Danger Solutions Dept 5) - as he navigates a world totally different to our own. The past and the future have been mixed together by the Timebomb - the result of the mysterious St Scientist's evil machinations. As a result, people from the past and future mingle and try to figure out their place in the new world. HG Wells is Prime Minister, and dry roasted peanuts have disappeared!

Writer and director Mark E had this to say:

"It has been a personal dream come true with so many great people helping bring my words to life and building friendships with the cast. Everyone involved has brought enthusiasm and energy whenever called upon! Please take the time on a Saturday afternoon for 2 adventures each week.

It's my own creation and has been made with a cast of eager volunteers. We have worked long and hard on this project and it sounds great, with plenty of gags and also bundles of sound effects to inspire your imagination.

If you liked Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, or Radio 4's Nebulous and The Spaceship or Red Dwarf, this is for you! For more info either visit www.facebook.com/darrkfuture or www.darrkfuture.weebly.com, where there is a trailer for the show and details on how to download the episodes after broadcast."

Part One premieres on Saturday the 22nd at 2pm, and Part Two broadcasts a week later on the 29th. Join us for a glimpse into life in the year 2101 - a distorted world where downloads go straight to your mind, the past is unknown, and the future arrived yesterday. As always, you can tune in to shmuFM on 99.8fm or online at shmu.org.uk/FM.

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