Foos yer Doos at HMT

Youth media team review the panto (oh no, they didn't)

On the 2nd of December, Melissa and I went to His Majesty’s Theatre to see this years’ record breaking pantomime Beauty and the Beast on behalf of the Youth Media Team. As ever there was high expectations of the cast and they surely did pull it off.

Beauty and the Beast is originally a 15th century French fairytale but this tale has a touch of a doric twist with returning favourites Elaine C Smith, Alan McHugh and Jordan Young keeping it traditional to the north.

Set in “Auchterdreich” the story follows Belle and her friends as they find shelter in the palace with Prince Sebastian who has been cursed as a beast by the evil villain.

It was great to see young local talented dancers taking part in the show from Aberdeen

The show was filled with laughter and Scottish comedy and most certainly fun for all the family. With popular chart songs and a bit of a wrecking ball moment it provided everyone with a smile. Audience participation is always needed in a panto and a sing off of their Scottish wedding song “Foos yer doos and birds that chirp and chav awa” proved great fun. It was a very enjoyable show that everyone should make time to go see.

By Megan Rollo

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