Free Digital Media Café: Social Media

The last in our series of free media workshops

This Wednesday (December 11th) sees the last of our four initial Digital Media Cafés, being delivered as part of the Digital Commonwealth project.

Focussing on social media, the 2hr workshop will look at how you can promote your work and media content through sites like Twitter and Facebook, find information and connect with other groups and individuals with similar interests.

Social media is a valuable tool for businesses, voluntary organisations and those involved in the arts, so the session will look at some of the key questions around how to get noticed in an age when everybody seems to be online.

Starting at 6pm, the workshop takes place at Seventeen on Belmont Street (where One-Up Records used to be) and anyone is welcome to come along. Also, the session is free.

This will be the fourth and final media café in a series of workshops which are part of our link-up with a project centred on developing citizen journalists in 2014 - the year the Commonwealth Games come to Scotland. Previous sessions looked at video, audio and blogging. However, even if you missed the previous workshops, you can still attend the social media session. 

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