Hanger 18 Exclusive

Listen out for a UK exclusive track on Saturday the 7th of February on shmuFM's very own Hanger 18.

The Qemists are playing in Glasgow in March this year, supporting KoRn in their world tour.

To promote the tour and their new album they have released their brand new track "Warrior Sound" to 3 DJs in the world.

Hanger 18's Brian Webb was one of these lucky few.

He said: "I have followed the band for years and whenever I play tracks from them people always ask who they are as they havent heard of them but love their sound. It is amazing to be one of 3 people to have the track and I can't wait to play it this weekend as part of the show."

Tune in on Saturday between 9 and 10pm to hear "Warrior Sound."


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