Happy Birthday to the 80s Show

Would you have liked a present too?

The Ultimate 80s show celebrates its first birthday this weekend… How time flies!

Presenter, Dave Ironside and co-host, Colin Banks have been bringing you the best, and sometimes the worst, of the decade of big hair and fantastic music.

Dave said: “Growing up in the 80s and loving the diversity and the different styles of music the decade produced I pitched the idea for a specialist 80s show and here we are one year later.

“One of the great things is that Colin and I have been mates since the 80s so we bounce off each other and the banter is genuine.”

Saturday nights are 80s nights! We are told all the time that people listen to the show as they prepare for their night out to get them in the mood for a good time; the only complaint is that the show goes too fast.

The first track played on the show was “Saturday Night” by Oliver Cheatham and we have gone from strength to strength since then. The show is nothing without the listeners and we have listeners in every month to play their top three 80s tracks which has proved to be a popular feature.

So it’s one year down and we will be blowing out the candle and munching the cake on Saturday night with a special birthday show and you are all invited to listen in.

You can tune in to the show at 7pm on shmu 99.8FM on Saturday the 17th of January. 

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