Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday.......

Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday.......


The Ultimate 80s Show celebrates its third birthday this coming Saturday the 21st of January

Presenter Dave Ironside said “Looking back its really hard to believe that the show has been on air for three years, it seems just like yesterday that myself and Colin Banks started out in 2014 with our tribute to the 80s and it has grown and grown since then, Colin has stepped down for a while but he is still an integral part of the show and we have had Sandy Gibson, Simon McLean and John Noble who have co hosted the show in recent months”

He continued “ The great thing about this show is that literally it can change from minute to minute, we do a playlist that we intend to use but with listener requests that can change from song to song” “ One thing we have always stayed true to is that this is the listeners show and we will play what they want to hear, if we don’t have it on that particular week we will did it out and play it the next week, the listeners are THE most important people and we are so lucky to have such loyal and knowledgeable listeners!”

Dave said “ One other thing is that we like to get people involved with the show and try to get listeners in every month to chat and play their favourite 8os tracks so if you want to be a part of that please get in touch”

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