It's our birthday... Celebrate the cheese!

The Ultimate 80s celebrates their second birthday on January the 23rd and presenters Dave Ironside and Colin Banks have a cheese filled show especially for you.

Dave said: “We were discussing how to celebrate the shows second birthday and Colin suggested we play an hour of the cheesiest 80s tracks imaginable.” 

Colin said: “The 80s were filled with superb music, but there was also the cheese element as well so we are gonna celebrate the cheese."

The guys are also looking for guests to come in and play their top three 80s tracks.

Dave said: “We have had listeners coming in once a month to play and discuss their top three tracks from the 80s and it has proved to be a very popular feature so if you want to appear on the show get in touch with through the Ultimate 80s Facebook Page, or give the guys a call on a Saturday night!"

If you want to hear some 80s cheesy tracks don’t forget to tune in to shmu 99.8FM or listen online here at 7pm on the 23rd for the Celebrate The Cheese Birthday Show.  

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