Middlefield Matters returns to schedule

Middlefield's weekly community show returns to the schedule

shmuFM's Middlefield community show, Middlefield Matters, makes a welcome return to a regular Thursday slot beginning on 13th March.  The show, hosted by Middlefield residents - Gail, Kayleigh and Kelly, will now broadcast from 1-2pm every Thursday afternoon.

The show's new presenting team initially came on a visit to shmu with their art group, which is based at the Middlefield Community Project.  The visit was then followed up with a shmu 'intro session', when members of shmu's staff team visited Middlefield Community Project and recorded a jingle for the Parent & Toddler group with the girls.

The shmu 30 minute 'intro session' is an interactive information session on everything that we can offer here at Station House.  This is a brilliant opportunity for groups who would otherwise struggle to be heard or gain any coverage locally.  We are happy to deliver our intro session to staff teams, active groups of all ages, service users and anyone else who wants to find out more about your local media organisation.  All of the sessions so far have been a great success with each group recording their own jingles, which are played out on shmuFM.

Join our new presenters every Thursday afternoon for an hour focusing on news, views and events of concern to the Middlefield community.

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