NESCOL on shmuFM

Students from the Learning Opportunities Department at North East Scotland College enjoyed their slot on Tilly Talks on shmuFM today to talk about their fundraising efforts.

Earlier on this year the group of students hosted the charity shop on George Street to raise money for shmu.

In total the students managed to raise £1005.71 from their week in the charity shop which is greatly appreciated by everyone at shmu.

The majority of the students involved in the charity shop are currently studying for their SVQ in retail so it was great practical experience for them.

Fiona Duff, who works in the Learning Opportunities Department said: "Some of the students have been involved in shmu this year. They’ve been doing a project on radio stations and how they interact with the local community. They came up to shmu for a visit and spoke to some of the staff to find out more about it. A number of our students, past and present, have been involved with shmu before coming to college so that’s why we picked to raise money for shmu."

The staff at shmu would like to thank the department very much for their fundraising efforts!

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