New Sci-Fi show lands on Saturday

'Get your geek on' with new Sci-Fi Show on shmuFM

The Sci-Fi Show joins the shmuFM schedule this Saturday at 1pm, when presenter - and avid Sci-Fi fan - Greg Swan will be your expert guide to all manner of geekery...

The Sci-Fi Show will feature all the latest on comics, TV, film and future tech - and great music too! - and launches at 1pm on Saturday 22nd February.

Greg told us, "I'm really happy to join the shmu family - everyone has been great welcoming me in and helping me along the way, and I can't wait for the future."

He added, "I would love it if anyone who wants to be a guest could get in touch so we can have some Sci-Fi banter on one of my shows in the near future!"

Join Greg for The Sci-Fi Show every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm.


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