Angie Joss

Take one would-be writer, one failed dancer, one harassed mum and one wife of an amateur local historian - and what have you got?  Well, you’ve got the recipe for a Culture Show presenter who guarantees the listener an ever-changing mix of down-to-earth, accessible, relevant cultural events, going on right here in Aberdeen, City and Shire.  You’ve also got me, Angie Joss, a local quine, who’s passionate about the arts - and folk’s entitlement to be part of making and enjoying them.


Challenge Poverty Week

ShmuFM are working with organisations, both local and nationally, as part of Challenge Poverty Week, to highlight the many issues around poverty.

Volunteers from shmuFM have produced a number of shows which will be broadcast throughout the week which focus on local charities, media representations of poverty and the effects of economic inequality.

Presented by Angie Joss

Key Workers Request show

A show dedicated to our key workers and volunteers.

If you would like a message to your loved one played on shmuFM please email your audio to

Presented by Angie Joss

The Culture Club

Culture’s NOT posh! Culture’s NOT exclusive! Culture’s NOT something for “other people”! That’s why the Culture Club brings you the widest possible range of events and news from our area - exhibitions, dance, craft, gardens, famous local folk, culture news - there’s bound to be something in it for you.

Presented by Angie Joss