Aron Smith

Since relocating to the city that was once the home to his Great-Grandparents, Aron Smith, AKA Brutha Voodoo, has been eager to get his teeth back into community radio, and has found a new home at shmuFM.  Bringing with him his years as a community radio presenter, a passion for amazing (and often obscure) music, and geek-level knowledge on various subjects from film to comics to games and much much more, Aron will put all these skills to the test, when he takes to the Aberdeen airwaves to play songs and say words between them.  Follow him on twitter at  


Geek Grotto

you are cordially invited to visit Brutha Voodoo's Geek Grotto, a nerdy nest of comics, toys, animation, scifi & fantasy. Each week we take an hour long delve into the multiverse of superheroes, cyborgs, sorcerers, saiyans and freelance peacekeeping agents and bring you a feast of news, reviews and nonsense ; complete with a weekly visit to Obscure Character Corner.

Presented by Aron Smith

Brutha Voodoo's Playlist Obscura

Playlist Obscura brings you the best music you may never have heard before, but that hopefully, should enrich your life for experiencing! Get involved at

Presented by Aron Smith

Friday's Cruise Control

Presenter Aron Smith is here to entertain with a choice selection of music and more... Includes the ‘Weekend Gig Guide’, 'Then & Now' and the (soon to be infamous!) 'Last Song Scramble'… All this – plus our Band of the Week, local news and traffic updates – makes Friday's Cruise Control the right choice for your drive time pleasure!

Presented by Aron Smith