Brian W

By day a staff member at SHMU by night the keeper of the vaults at Hangar 18. The road to rock and roll began when I was given Iron Maidens Live after Death on vinyl as it had been sent to my dad by mistake in 1985......"scream for me" echoed around my head for years . I love concerts, music, books and t-shirts all related with Metal and live by the moto "if if it is to loud you are to old".   


Hangar Eighteen

The vaults unlock every Wednesday night to bring together 2 hours of everything that is METAL. Interviews, gig guides, reviews, charts and exclusive releases all build into the mix of the show. If it is metal we will play it so their is room for glam, rock, thrash, industrial, hardcore, goth and everything in-between. Stay Tuned...Stay tuned if you dare!

Presented by Brian W

Musical Rotation

Musical Rotation - a journey through different styles of music brought to you by various presenters each week.