Dave Ironside

Born in the 50s (just!) and raised on Glam Rock, Punk Rock and Blackpool Rock!  I have a love of all things 70s and 80s, whether it is films, TV or Pop Culture, but especially the music.  My taste in music is diverse, from Slade to The Specials and from T-Rex to T’Pau.  I love to play music that makes people happy.  As Noddy Holder says, “Keep on rockin’…..”


The Ironmans Album Almanic

A show where we take a classic album, take it apart and discuss it then put it all back together, playing all the tracks packaged into one hour show. Kick back and relax and listen to some vintage albums.

Presented by Dave Ironside

The Ironman's Album Almanac

Featuring classic albums taking apart explored and put back together again

Presented by Dave Ironside

Ultimate 80s

Classic tracks and memories from the 1980s... Big hits, big hair - and even bigger shoulderpads - from possibly the most diverse decade ever! Ska, Electronic, New Wave, Soul, New Romantic and much more, all packed into one electrifying hour...

Presented by Dave Ironside

Monday's Breakfast Show

Waking you up in the morning with three hours designed to get you up and about. Packed full of music, weather, traffic, chat and news - and featuring the now almost legendary “Dave’s Soggy Cornflake”…. a cheesy track guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Presented by Dave Ironside