DJ Finnie

DJ Finnie has been playing on the clubscene since 1988 and has played in many of Aberdeen's clubs (Pelican, Glow 303, Kef, Origin, Skank, Memphis, Craigmile, Tunnels, Drummonds and TK's to name but a few!) and has also played outwith the 'deen in many places including Norway, Holland, England, Slovakia, Czech Repulic and Mexico. Finnie has also released a few tunes on labels such as Bellboy, Aquatrax and SSL.



DJ Finnie is joined by a different guest each week, bringing you a selection of music to see you through till midnight. You can expect to hear anything from northern soul, hip hop, dubstep, drum & bass and reggae on Finnie's show...

Presented by DJ Finnie