Sandy Gibson

Oi Oi, Sandy is the ayatollah of rock and rolla, kiss stealing limousine riding son of a gun, the face that runs the place The Sandman. One third of the Three Amigos who wakes you up every morning to the sound of music...not to be confused with the musical. Host of Seaton Speaks, the Sport Show Breakfast Show he is never too far away from the mayhem. "Don't be a a Shmuser"


The MoshPit

Presented by Sandy Gibson

The MostPit

All you need to do is ask yourself "Are you Ready...?"...this is a hard hitting, fast riding, heavy metal rock bonanza from start to finish. From the early 50s to yesterday we look at all things Heavy...does not matter is if you are

Presented by Sandy Gibson

90 to 99 - The Glowstick Years

The 90s...the early part of the 90s was just like the tail end of the 80s just turned up a few notches on the volume dial. Fads of the 80s were now huge in the 90s. House and techno from the 1980s rose to international

Presented by Sandy Gibson

60 to 69 - The Evolution Years

The 60s...listen how the Rock and Roll sound of the 50s evolves into the pop rock, beat, psychedelic rock, blues rock of the 70's as the Sandman looks at those Hot 100 tracks of the years end of the 60s, adding tracks that show
how the music evolved, the invention of bubblegum pop and jellyfish rock and the rise of funk, Soul and Jazz with a sprinkling of R and B

Presented by Sandy Gibson