"Q for Quite Brilliant": Angie Joss reviews the La Inestable Theatre at AIYF

"Q For Quite Brilliant"


Two days into Aberdeen International Youth Theatre 2017, it is perhaps rash to claim that you have seen THE performance of this year.  But, I'm gonna. Because I'm just out of a short play, at the Arts Centre, which was, quite simply, wonderful.
The play tells the story of Q who is, literally, at a jumping off point in her life, as she prepares to leave childhood behind and face what comes next.
But she has disappeared, suddenly and mysteriously, leaving only her mobile phone, that most teenage of artefacts, behind her. The audience is invited to join these young actors as they listen - and react - to the words and feelings Q has left behind on her mobie...and help search for that one, missing word, possibly written in a newspaper, which could just be the answer to everything.
La Inestable 21 are clearly an accomplished band of young actors, confident in their roles; playful, emotional, incredibly moving to watch. The staging was simple, a minimalist set; but what was there was used to huge effect. And piles of newspapers. (Certainly the most meaningful sentiments I've had out of the local paper for a long time, as a page blew gently past my face tonight!)
Now, luckily for you, La Inestable 21 are doing it all again, on Sunday, 30th July, 7.30 at Aberdeen Arts Centre. Tickets £6.60 plus concessions. You NEED to see this!!
One word of advice, tho - When the actors say "Close your eyes"; Close them. And, for a little while, be part of their imagination. It's the best six and a half quid you'll spend all summer...
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