shmu volunteer BBQ

SHMU held its annual volunteer BBQ on Saturday the 8th of August and the team had a great time. The sun shone for one of the few days of the summer that Scotland seems to be allocated.

Jacqui, who presents Cumming North on a Monday morning did a fantastic job manning the BBQ stand and making sure everyone was well fed so well done her.

The BBQ is held every year to say thank you to our volunteers for all the fantastic work they do throughout the year, whether they are involved in the radio aspect, community magazines, youth media or any of our music projects.

If you would live in a regeneration area and would like to get involved in volunteering at SHMU you can contact Denise on 01224 515013 to chat about the various possibilities.

Danielle said: “Nice afternoon with the sun shining and was great to see everyone all together “

Michaela said: “Great fun, lots of laughter and a great group of people there to have fun with”

Dave said: “Great day and thanks to Jacqui Innes and Simon Gall who kept everyone fed.....thanks to all who organised it”

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