shmuFM seeking new shows

Campaign launched for new volunteers

shmuFM is launching a campaign for new volunteers to train to take the reigns on some new shows at the station.  Denise Reid, one of the team at shmu, has been tasked with visiting communities to spread the word about shmuFM and the huge benefits training for the radio can bring. 

She said: 'Lots of folk know about and listen to shmuFM but what they don't realise is that all of our presenters are volunteers that have been trained up by us to research, produce and deliver their own shows. There is always room for development of new ideas for shows and we are currently looking to revamp the schedule so that as many people as possible from our communities can have a chance to produce shows that are of interest to them and everyone else.'  Denise and other members of the shmu team will be out and about in communities soon with more information on how people can apply to be a volunteer and what the training involves.  For more information on becoming a volunteer at shmuFM call: 01224 515 013 or email:

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