Talking Science

The Talking Science show is packed full of science news and views relevant to everyday life. Each week the team from the University of Aberdeen bring you science you can try at home in DIY science, feature interviews with scientists here in Aberdeen about their groundbreaking work and take a look at the latest science news and views.

Presented by Heather Doran

Technology Show

A YRP production. The Technology show where games for young and old are discussed, and the latest releases explained...

Presented by Youth Media Team

TellUs Info Hour

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, our organisation has had to adapt the way that we share information and celebrate the regeneration areas and other vulnerable communities at this challenging time and as a result we have established the Tell Us campaign.

This show is where you can catch all the latest information during this time

Presented by Bob McDonald


The Friday YRP review show. Reviewing all things marvellous from throughout the week whether it be entertainment news, music or our favourite YRP show of the week!

Presented by Youth Media Team

The AFCCT Show

The AFCCT Show airs on the last Thursday of every month at 1pm right here on shmuFM.
Hosted by Dave Ironside its an hour packed with everything you need to know about the work AFCCT does.
With interviews and live guests featuring both staff and volunteers The AFCCT Show is a great way to keep up with what is happening in your communities

Presented by Dave Ironside

The Big People Music Show

Big People music is a Jamaican term for the music that *ahem* older folk with discerning taste listen to. Each show has a theme (such as 'cats' or 'dogs') and features tunes from across the musical horizons – the only other criteria being that they are all from the very Top Drawer!

Presented by Lloyd

The Culture Club

Culture’s NOT posh! Culture’s NOT exclusive! Culture’s NOT something for “other people”! That’s why the Culture Club brings you the widest possible range of events and news from our area - exhibitions, dance, craft, gardens, famous local folk, culture news - there’s bound to be something in it for you.

Presented by Angie Joss

The Current Affairs Show

Local, national and international current affairs from the shmuNEWS team, with live studio debates tackling the big issues of the day and interviews with the people who make the important decisions in and around the Granite City and beyond.

Presented by Simon Mac

The Early Morning Wake up Call

Dave's got a great selection of rock 'n' roll tunes to help you enjoy the weekend. He's always keen to play requests, so please email Dave to get your favourite song on the show!

Presented by Dave White

The Ironman's Album Almanac

A show where we take a classic album, take it apart and discuss it then put it all back together, playing all the tracks packaged into one hour show. Kick back and relax and listen to some vintage albums

Presented by Dave Ironside

The MoshPit

Presented by Sandy Gibson

The MostPit

All you need to do is ask yourself "Are you Ready...?"...this is a hard hitting, fast riding, heavy metal rock bonanza from start to finish. From the early 50s to yesterday we look at all things Heavy...does not matter is if you are

Presented by Sandy Gibson

The Scottish Hip Hop Show

The Scottish Hip Hop Show is a 6-part radio series showcasing Scottish hip hop MCs, producers, beatboxers and DJs who are contributing to and pushing forward the vibrant hip hop scene in Scotland. Tune in 8 Oct, 15 Oct & 22 Oct from 7 PM!

Twitter: @scothiphopshow
Facebook: thescottishhiphopshow
Instagram: thescottishhiphopshow

Presented by Bob McDonald

The Trial of the Lucky Tattie

“The youth media group worked with Dr Beatriz Goulao, from the University of Aberdeen, to create a podcast that describes what clinical trials are all about with a fun twist. The youth media group created the story and produced the podcast, whilst Beatriz helped fill in the scientific dots”

Presented by Bob McDonald

Thursday's Breakfast Show

Waking you up in the morning with three hours designed to get you up and about. Packed full of music, weather, traffic, chat and news - and featuring the now almost legendary “Dave’s Soggy Cornflake”…. a cheesy track guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Also featuring “Where Are They Now” and the mellow sounds of “The Big Breakfast shmu…thie” - there really is no better way to start your day!

Presented by Dave Ironside

Thursday's Cruise Control

Join Sarah Burns on Thursday's Cruise Control for a retro collection of classic tracks and artists, related music trivia, your requests and lots of community news - get in touch and get involved!

Presented by Colin Digby

Thursday's Packed Lunch

Presented by Bob McDonald

Tilly Talks

The show focuses on Tillydrone news, events and issues. If there is a topic or concern you would like us to talk about - or if you would like to be a guest - please contact us.

Presented by Simon

Torry Treasures

Torry Treasures brings news, views, events, entertainment and extraordinary interviews about and from the people of Torry. You will find news about the community centres, churches, festivals, heritage and many others things of concern to the Torry community. Torry Treasures has built a reputation for ensuring that the authentic voices of the residents are heard...

Presented by Dave Ironside

Tuesday's Breakfast Show

The Breakfast show - weekdays 7am 'til 9am - "Sure as the Sunrise" to get you started for the day ahead. Fine tunes, local news and info, and as much juice as can be squeezed in between. Rise and shine, seize the day!

Presented by Sandy Gibson

Tuesday's Cruise Control

Guiding you home with some great music, chat, local news and information on local events.

Presented by Kevin Morrison

Tuesday's Packed Lunch

A show filled with organic cheese wraps and other earthly delights. Not really but lots of good chat and banter with fine tunes and special dips and crudities.

Presented by Alan Parker