Wednesday's Breakfast Show

The Breakfast Show, weekdays 7am 'til 9am, "Sure as the Sunrise" to get you started for the day ahead. Fine tunes, local news and info, and as much juice as can be squeezed in between. Rise and shine, and seize the day with Neil Gibbons.

Wednesday's Cruise Control

Guiding you home with some great music, chat, local news and information on local events.

Presented by Sarah Burns

Wednesday's Packed Lunch

Presented by Bob McDonald

What's on the web

A YRP production - The team will be talking about the latest internet trends, whats new on the web and generally highlighting what to watch online.

Presented by Youth Media Team

Woodside on Wednesday

A collection of local characters indulging in a hotch-potch of ramblings and rantings on Woodside and the world!

The show focuses on Woodside news, events and issues. If there is a topic or concern you would like us to talk about, or if you would like to be a guest, please contact us...

Presented by Natalie Hood

Words Up

Presented by Loraine Mudie


Molly and Katie from Youth Media have been working on a project with the WOW Foundation.
Molly and Katie caught up with staff from the WOW Team and Theresa Rose Sebastian,
Activist and Advocate for Justice & Reform to discuss the project, Gender Equality and the Climate crisis and what we can do to help the world.

Presented by Youth Media Team