The Ultimate 80s Doubles Up!

The Ultimate 80s Doubles Up!

As from Saturday April the 1st, The Ultimate 80s will have double the nostalgia for you as they extend the show by an hour now airing from 6pm top 8pm each and every Saturday night.

Host Dave Ironside said “We are delighted to be able to bring you an extra hour of your favourite decade live on a Saturday night, The show has proved to be very popular with the listeners and we were forever getting told that it wasn’t on long enough”, he continued “ I have to give a massive thank you to the people who made this happen, shmu staff and fellow presenters who have helped us with the new extended slot and of course our listeners with their kind words”

Dave and co-host John Noble have a few surprises and new features up their sleeves for the show, Dave said “ We sat down and put together a plan for the extended show and some of the features we have will be listener participation, we will also be looking to get listeners in to the show so that they can see how the show works and also play some of their favourite tracks”

So tune in every Saturday from 6pm for double the nostalgia and double the banter, it really will be Fantastic Bantastic

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