Wake up, It's Time For Radio

A new dawn for the Breakfast Show

So, the breakfast show has new features and a new starting time of 6am.

Dave Ironside, who presents the breakfast show on Mondays and Thursdays, hinted at new features of the show, which will be unveiled next week. The show will be extended to three hours of non-stop fun every weekday.

This is because they are in competition with other radio stations, so they want to hook listeners in from the start of the day.

Sandy said: "It's not about what I have planned, but what the listener wants".

The team's main goal is to become the very best of the top dogs in Aberdeen.

Dave said: "I consider it an honour we do it for the people listening".

The three hours means there's more time for listeners to input requests and get involved in the show.

This will be starting on Monday so you can listen in on Shmu 99.8 FM.

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