Youth Media Team goes to the Fringe

Youth Radio Project at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

In collaboration with Media Education Edinburgh The Youth Radio Project teamed up with Media Educations young people to cover The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Festival radio is a partnership project, run by Media Education Charity. It allows young people to work together to cover the Edinburgh and Lothian festivals.

Youth workers Adele and Lori left with three young people on the train heading for Edinburgh. Myself (Natasha), Emily and Klaudia were giving the opportunity to go to Edinburgh and work alongside young people to cover a day’s event as part of the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

Once we arrived in Edinburgh we were briefed by the Edinburgh group and trained on their equipment. This was a great opportunity to meet a group of young people in a different place doing similar work to SHMU. Their approach to interviewing was new to us as they took a different approach. This was helpful as it meant we learned new ways to approach interviewing.   The plan for the day was to attend Mervyn Sutter’s Pick of the Festival event and the interview audience and cast members after the show.

The Mervyn Sutter’s pick of the festival was an amazing and entertaining show. The show was a variety performance that showcased the best of the festival. Everyday Mervyn and his team carefully researched the fringe to bring together extracts from seven top shows in 90 minutes.  The show was both funny and innovative. The show had the audience on the edge of their seat hooked in laughter and amazement. Having the opportunity to attend the show was such a great experience.

After the show both, the three Youth Media people and the Edinburgh group worked together to interview the audience and also the acts involved in the show. The audience members and the acts were all very willing to be interviewed and to share the thoughts on the show. During the interview process myself Klaudia and Emily were able to interview people using a new method. This was a new and slightly challenging process but overall was fun and exciting.

Later that day we walked up onto the Royal mile and interview acts, directors and writers who were advertising there shows by handing out flyers. The atmosphere on the mile was fun and exciting making the whole experience more fun and unique. Seeing the whole street crowed with people was amazing and really added to the Edinburgh trip.

Overall I feel the collaboration project was a fun and exciting experience that both the Edinburgh group and the shmu guys learned so much from.

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