YRP Special Report on Holocaust Memorial Day

YRP presenters visit Auschwitz

Young presenters from Station House Media Unit (shmu) aired a special report on shmuFM to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.  Megan Rollo (16) and Yvannah Gonzalez (16) visited Auschwitz as part of a school project and decided to make a special feature from their experiences on their journey.

Megan and Yvannah are both involved with shmu as part of the Youth Radio Project (YRP) and help to programme and present daily and Saturday shows.  The pair had been so moved by their visit and hearing the personal stories of holocaust survivors, they decided to create a radio show centred around the Memorial Day, based on their own journey. 

The project, called ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ comprised of three stages, an opening seminar in Edinburgh, where participants met survivors.  ‘We heard a real survivor’s story and it was so moving.’ Megan said.

The girls were very fortunate to be picked from St Machar Academy for the trip last September, as the competition was extremely tough and there were limited places. Megan enthused ‘I was pestering my teachers to apply, I felt like it was my duty to go.  I would have offered my help even if I hadn’t been chosen; we need to spread the message.’

The second stage of the project was the journey to Poland to see the concentration camp Auschwitz.  Megan and Yvannah describe their first impressions in the radio show.  Yvannah told us ‘It was very emotional and overwhelming at the same time because I saw the state of the camp and where everything happened.  You could imagine all the individual stories we had heard.’

The special feature was aired on the YRP show on Monday 27th January between 3pm and 4pm. If you missed it, you can listen by clicking on the link below.

Lessons From Auschwitz - YRP Special Report by shmuFM

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