Mastrick Matters Summer 2020

The Mastrick Matters teams have produced a joint edition of their magazines during the Covid-19 outbreak and it is being delivered right now. 

The volunteers and support team at shmu felt very strongly that it was important to continue to produce and deliver the community magazines during this time in order to share important local information, celebrate the community and encourage positive social change around the issues the community is passionate about. 

With a substantial amount of information on Coronavirus circulating, we believe it is important to continue to present the great things that were happening in the Mastrick area before we went into lockdown. There are also a significant number of people throughout Mastrick and Aberdeen city who do not have access to the Internet, where a huge amount of information is being shared and we know they look forward to receiving their magazine from us. 

You can be reassured that our distribution company is taking every measure to ensure they are delivering your magazine safely and within government guidelines. 

You can also view the magazine online.

For more information contact Laura on or call/text 07752586312.