Northern Lights Shines On

This is our special edition magazine that has combined news from Northfield, Cummings Park, Middlefield and Heathryfold

Northern Lights is now out for delivery. 

The volunteers involved with the Cumming North and Middlefield Mirror community magazines and the support team from Station House Media Unit (shmu) have been working hard to produce a joint edition of the magazine in order to share important local information, celebrate the community and encourage positive social change around the issues the community is passionate about. The magazine will be dropping through your letterbox very soon! 

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We thought it was important to still deliver the magazine for a variety of reasons. With a substantial amount of information on Coronavirus circulating, we believe it is important to continue to present the great things that were happening in the Cummings Park, Heathryfold, Middlefield and Northfield areas before we went into lockdown. There are also a significant number of people throughout these communities and Aberdeen city who do not have access to the Internet, where a huge amount of information is being shared and we know they look forward to receiving their magazine from us. To reduce the pressure on our magazine volunteers we have decided to join some of the teams together to produce joint magazines to be delivered throughout our target communities. 

You can be reassured that our distribution company is taking every measure to ensure they are delivering your magazine safely and within government guidelines. 

Our plan is to continue to produce and distribute Cumming North and Middllefield Mirror despite the present restrictions, although they may look slightly different depending on how much information we get from our local communities to include in the magazines.  We are keen for the magazines to showcase and celebrate our amazing communities and would like people to get in touch with us if they know someone who has gone the extra mile to help their area during the coronavirus outbreak (or generally) whilst also sharing important community information you may have that will benefit your community. 

You can also read the magazine online

If you would like to get in touch with us about the magazines at please email Laura on or call/text her on 07752586312.