Radio Marathon

Station House Media Unit’s shmuFM successfully completed its first ever Giving Tuesday event on Tuesday 27th November

Our committed volunteers took part in a 26 hour community radio marathon and raised a fantastic £1755.

Alan Parker, one of the volunteers, said he sees Giving Tuesday as a chance to give something back to shmu for their support.

Sharing his story, he said: “Five years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after suffering a mental breakdown. Being told that I would probably never work again was devastating, and shmuFM was my saviour.” He added: “When the need to raise money for the building was mentioned, and the idea of a marathon broadcast first suggested, I saw it as a way of repaying shmu for the thousands of hours of fun, information and education that I’ve had the honour of broadcasting, along with the unconditional care and support shown to me and the other volunteers. Please pledge some money for this organisation that means so much not just to me, but the hundreds of other people that shmu helps get through their life.

The money raised during the marathon will go towards kitting out the new shmu building in Woodside as part of our Paving the Way to Woodside campaign. We have now raised enough money to pay for two new radio studios which we couldn't do without the support of our volunteers and network of supporters.

Want to find out more about volunteering at shmu? Contact our Community Media Development Worker, Laura Young or call 01224 515013.