57 North Aberdeen Music Sector Survey

Involved in music in Aberdeen? Fill out our survey...

Are you involved in music in Aberdeen?

Fill out the 57 North Aberdeen Music Sector Survey.

We’re trying to understand how the sector is currently operating (and realise that is now changing on a daily, even hourly, basis), where there are gaps and how they are bridged, and how we can target those gaps.

When we put our survey together, we didn't know how significant the Coronavirus situation would prove to be, and how it would affect the lives of so many people in the music sector.

We now think there are more reasons than ever to get our heads together and work collectively where we can.

So, if you're a musician, audio engineer, venue programmer, promoter or involved in music in other ways, and can spare a little time to fill out the survey here, it’d be much appreciated. 

Please feel free to share it around as well!