57 North Presents: Scratchfall

Local alt-metal band on shmuFM

This week on 57° North Presents, we're delighted to feature Scratchfall! Tune in to the show on shmuFM from 8-10pm to hear tracks from their self-titled debut EP, an exclusive live set, and surely much more - including local music news and opportunities.

Scratchfall is a five-piece hard rock/alternative metal band from Aberdeen. Formed in 2015, the band has been writing, recording and performing their own material over the past year. The make-up of the band has brought about a powerful, adrenaline fuelled sound, and their performances bring this to the surface.

Playing in bars and music venues across Aberdeen, Scratchfall have been making some noise and making a name for themselves in the music scene. Consisting of previous friends and, more importantly, previous strangers, the chemistry between the members creates a vast amount of creativity.

They also told us: “we, the members of the band writing this bio, don't want you to get the wrong idea - underneath all of this 'musical ability' we are just a group of guys writing some songs and playing some gigs. We love what we've managed to create, and we just want to share it and see who else likes it too.”

So if you like what you hear, remember that you can request Scratchfall on any live show by getting in touch with the studio!

Also, don't worry if you miss the show - you can listen again until the 26th, or tune in the old-fashioned way from midnight to 2am on Friday night for the repeat.