Band of the Week: Ally Stewart

Local singer-songwriter stars on shmuFM

This week's featured artist on our 57° North Band of the Week Show is local singer-songwriter Ally Stewart! He appeared live on the Band of the Week Show on Monday the 29th of August from 8-10pm.

Ally Stewart is a local singer/songwriter who has been playing and writing his own music for about 6 years. He started off playing solo then formed his first band called Teenagers From Mars, in which he sang and played guitar. He then went on to play in other bands such as Before Cavemen and Deary Me. He is inspired to write songs by what's going on around him and doesn't like to force lyrics or music out of himself.

He is also very inspired by a quote from Noel Gallagher: "songwriting is like fishing: sometimes you catch one, sometimes you don't". 

Ally also plays in Alternative Rock band Flying Blind, in which he plays lead guitar and vocals. He plays solo in venues all around Aberdeen and is hoping to go on a Scottish tour next year, either solo or with the band.

He is in the process of recording his first full album titled "Idle Minds", it is set to be released when he's "less skint".

You can request any of his tunes on any of our live shows by getting in touch with us on 01224 483413, by texting 60300 and starting your message with SHMU then a space - also, leave your name so we know who's hitting us - or by emailing us on

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