Band of the Week: Live & Unplugged II

Showcasing local talent through live on-air performances

Our second Band of the Week: Live & Unplugged Compilation Album has been released!

Technically our fifth compilation to be released, it contains ten tracks, each a live performance from a featured artist, as heard live on-air during the Band of the Week Show. To reach the page where you can download this, and indeed our other albums, please click here.

As well as the first live album, we also offer not one, not two, but THREE for free download, each highlighting the local music scene in various ways. Enough about the old albums though - you can check out the new one here:

For more local talent, make sure you tune in to the Band of the Week Show every Monday night from 8-10pm on 99.8fm. Alternatively, the show repeats on Fridays at midnight and you can stream it from our site, either live or as a repeat whenever you'd like by using the listen again feature. If you would like to find out more or get involved in the show, please email