Band of the Week: Monty

North-East wordsmith Monty is our featured artist on shmuFM

This week on shmuFM, our featured artist is Monty - you can hear him live on the Band Of The Week Show on Monday the 23rd of March from 8-10pm, where you'll get to know Monty, what he's up to, his tunes and influences and even some exclusive live freestyling!

Alan "Monty" Lamont is a rapper from the North-East. He uses music as his instrument of catharsis, as do so many musicians and artists in general. In his own words, he “started writing around 14, but nothing serious. As a kid I was quite quiet, but a nightmare, so I bottled up quite a lot of things that happened within my childhood and music has got me to a place of finding himself and releasing that bottled up emotion.”

At about 16 he started rapping with two of his mates and formed a rap crew called Kaos, which also started as nothing intended to be serious. Recently Alan has been dedicating his time to furthering his rap career, including taking part in our shmu Rap Music Project. With heroes including Scorcher, Krept & Konan, Deadly and Tyga, you can hear Alan’s first EP, recorded with shmuSOUND, right here on shmuFM.

You can hear Monty's tracks on any of our live shows by getting in contact with the studio on 01224 483413, by texting 60300 (type SHMU, leave a space and then your message) or by emailing

The Band Of The Week Show is repeated every Friday at midnight until 2am on 99.8FM, and you can listen to the show here on our website using the live stream or Listen Again feature. 

Monty freestyled over a couple of backing tracks live on air - you can hear these here: