Band of the Week: Rumtumtartar

Local grunge/funk/soul four-piece on shmuFM

This week on shmuFM, our featured artist is Rumtumtartar! You can hear Rumtumtartar live on the Band Of The Week Show on Monday the 20th of April from 8-10pm, where you'll get to know all about Rumtumtartar, where their music comes from, where they come from, what the name means and much, much more.

Imagine Aretha Franklin jamming with the Stooges after listening to a bunch of Funkadelic and Alice in Chains albums – that’s Rumtumtartar. They’re a local four-piece grunge/soul band with a stripped back raw sound, big vocal harmonies, and songs that “stab you in the ribs” - then disregard all that as they'll probably change it all by tomorrow!

Their new EP "Thinking is Painful" is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify. If you’d like to hear more Rumtumtartar, check out their Facebook and Soundcloud pages. 

As well as the Band of the Week Show, you can hear Rumtumtartar's tracks on any of our live shows by getting in contact with the studio on 01224 483413, by texting 60300 (type SHMU, leave a space and then your message) or by emailing

The Band Of The Week Show is repeated every Friday at midnight until 2am on 99.8FM, and you can listen to the show here on our website using the live stream or Listen Again feature.